"Super Cabs & Mellow Merlots" Michael Stockdale

"Super Cabs & Mellow Merlots" Michael Stockdale

Text by Axel Browne – Arts Reporter – The Peace Arch News

“There’s a gentle humour and charm about Michael Stockdale’s paintings that suggests that life isn’t worthwhile if we can’t enjoy a sunny day, a glass of good wine and the comforting presence of our four-legged friends. It’s all part of life’s rich pattern, Stockdale’s bright, cheerful paintings seem to say, just as much as his marvelous rolling landscapes, the winding streets of quaint old towns, or the zest for living manifest in the droll people who populate them.
One could say it’s a typically French outlook or even a Parisian outlook (Stockdale was, it’s true born in that fabled metropolis) but the artist has proven he can just as easily transpose his ideas to the vineyards of the Okanagan or the quiet streets of Kitsilano where he lives today. ‘I start with a little idea, then I decide what feeling I’ll give to the situation–whether, for example, it’s in the Okanagan or the South of France’ says Stockdale. ‘Once I’ve worked on a sketch and I’m happy with the composition and details, it’s time to transfer it to canvas.’
It will probably come as no surprise to lovers of his paintings that he first gave rein to his artistic impulses as a cartoonist –his somewhat roguish characters– many of them gastronomers or waiters or chefs– are in a grand trandition of French and Belgian cartooning and illustration that extended from the Moulin Rouge era to the days of Tintin and Asterix the Gaulois.
Indeed, it’s possible to read some of his more humorous canvases as comic strips condensed in one frame – allowing plenty of schope to discover little details of comedic invention in subsequent viewings.”  Axel Browne – Arts Reporter – The Peace Arch News

I have a lot of stories to tell and this is the perfect conduit for me, to make my own stories in paintings.”  Michael Stockdale


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