'Village on the Hillock" Pieter Molenaar

'Village on the Hillock" Pieter Molenaar

Pieter Molenaar is a West Coast artist transplanted from The Netherlands.  He uses the strength of expression that oil paint allows to create the dramatic skies of his commanding sea, city and landscapes.  

Pieter Molenaar admires the Old Dutch Masters, and this is reflected in the style of his paintingshis colours are rich and his tones evocative.  Often, Molenaar’s paintings reflect a brooding, pensive, and compelling atmosphere most obvious in his scenes of pending storms in rural settings, roiling waves of seascapes, and slanting light down city streets.  Although Molenaar has worked in watercolour, he now uses oil exclusively since it allows him such a broad scope of expression. 
Born in Amsterdam in 1946, Molenaar first became interested in painting when he was 12 and was encouraged to develop his talent by his father.   Art school in Amsterdam provided Pieter Molenaar with training and the opportunity to win many awards.  Since coming to Canada in 1979, Molenaar has continued to paint and show his work internationally.  
When asked from what does he draw inspiration, Molenaar replies that memory, photographs, and paying attention to the world around him supply him with all the subject matter he needs.  In a style that blends realism and impressionism, Pieter Molenaar uses dramatic colours, contours, and brushwork to enhance scenes from the West Coast, the Prairies, and The Netherlands.  He creates a unique and intelligible impression of his subjects, which is much appreciated by those who admire and collect his work.

[Courstesy of Pieter Molenaar]


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